Since I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting and making cards, I have to make sure I get enough exercise and eat properly. I try to take care of myself, and found that essential oils benefit me in many ways. You may have noticed in my “About Me” that I’m passionate about essential oils, and specifically, Young Living. This company impressed me with the purity of their oils through their Seed to Seal guarantee, and the fact that they own their own farms. 

I love ice cream and shakes, especially in the summer. I still indulge, but I found a healthy alternative, and I’d like to share with you one of their products that isn’t an oil, but a nutritious and delicious drink, called Pure Protein Plus.

I mix the Protein Powder in 1% milk, add ice and blend. It calls for two scoops, but I use less, and you can use water or other milk, and shake instead of putting in a blender. You can also add fruit or get creative with flavoring, but I like it as is. And, I think I’m liking the Vanilla even better than the chocolate, but that’s just me. 

It isn’t cheap for a drink, but this is a meal substitute. Looking at it that way, it’s a good deal. You can see the size of the bag. I drink it for health and not weight loss, but I have a friend who recently started enjoying it, and has lost 27 pounds in a short period of time. Here is the ingredients label:

If you think you might like to try it, I’m here to walk you through the purchasing processI’m off to blend up my lunch, and then head to my craft room.