One year ago today, May-31-2016, Mama met Jesus face to face in Heaven. I’m happy for her, so why am I crying? For all of you who have lost someone close to your heart, I know you understand. There’s a longing to put things back the way they were. I want the phone to ring, and hear her voice on the other end of the line. Remember? The ones that connect to the wall. We talked endlessly, and laughed about how we could solve the problems of the world. I want the memories that I see in pictures to be real again. I just plain miss her, and the aching is real.

I miss Daddy too, who passed Easter morning, 2006. But, it’s a different type of missing. He’s the one who filled me with my competitive spirit, and a stubbornness to persevere.  He helped me compose my first poem, and instilled in me the desire to write. I feel his strength, but not his pull. It’s comforting knowing my parents are together.

Thank you, Mama, for nurturing me in your womb, and for giving me this desire to create. Thank you both for your constant, and continuing inspiration and steadfast love. I feel your presence, so today, I choose joy. Until we meet again.

Your daughter,

Su, Susan, Susie, Stinky Su, Missy Moo