Some things never die: the American flag, the National Anthem, Crackerjack (kettlecorn) and baseball.

It was great fun watching the Padres beat the Pirates 4-2 last night. We even got in on the hat giveaway! You may notice that Neil’s hat is a bit different, because he’s from Pittsburgh. But, he is wearing a San Diego Padres shirt, and he did root, root, root for the home team. Afterall, he moved to Southern California in 1981!

Another thrilling thing about this game was our seats. We were in the front row. I mean, closer to the field than the Pirate’s dugout. Samantha (daughter) and John (soon to be son-in-law) were quite happy to be included. John treated us to a delicious pre-game meal at Board and Brew in the ball park, and I highly recommend the grilled cheese with avocado and their secret sauce. Yum!


There was some danger in being so close to the action, but Neil was prepared for those line drives down 3rd base by wearing his glove. He almost caught one, except for interference from another fan. He took time out to enjoy the big screen, probably recalling his dance moves at a prior game.


We’ve been known to skedaddle around the eighth inning to avoid the crowds, but last night was a fireworks show, and it was worth staying.

I feel very blessed to have these opportunities, and grateful that I can share them with you. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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